4 thoughts on “Salam Jum’a

  1. In previous year, we have experienced only a specific group of people from a specific country in daily Iftar at Muslim Prayer Room. If this arrangement is meaning to provide free food to this specific people rather encourage them to attend prayer, then it can be done in any cafeteria with MSAL donation money. What we have noticed, none of them attend to other four prayers and MSAL president that time posted few pictures about that.

    Lets see the abbreviation of M S A L – “Muslim Student Association of Launceston”, it’s not Muslim Association of Launcestion like other big city they have a community like this. MSAL’s purpose is to help any muslim student and encourage them to come and enjoy the iftar followed by prayers. Mostly, we see non-student family members are gathering. Any family can donate or sponsor a day for iftar and that money will be used specifically for Iftar. If you put your Zakat-ul-fitr in donation box, how it is going to be differentiate from money sponsored for Iftar. It means we are having free food from Zakaat money that should be used for the poor and needy people. Can you ask yourself – Are you needy? Do you have not enough money to feed people or share food with people?

    When people in Syria, Somalia, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan are starving for foods, we are going to have big feast in Ramadan.

    Whatever the daily budget for Iftar can be spent to feed few poor family or help any poor brothers/sisters. If you can’t find needy brothers/sisters, that means we have to spend it anyway for big feast!!! Do you see in any parts of the world, eid prayer is followed by $1000 bill just for coffee, tea, deserts as well? Check anywhere in Australia – where people waste money in that way.

    Donation money is not coming from only Middle Eastern brothers/sisters. It’s our money and we all donate here.

    In the judgement day, you all need to answer this question – How did you spend your wealth/money?

    **I am sure this post will be removed as soon as I post it in MSAL page.

    May Allah protect us from evil deeds.


    • Waalaikum salam, thanks for the comment, Abdus Salam.

      What I can see in your comment, the are four subjects you pointed out.
      1) The iftar specification to certain group.
      2) The MSAL as student association.
      3) The mix of Zakat-ul-Fitr and other donations.
      4) Budget from the donation to donate to needy people.
      5) The removal of your comment from our post.

      I’ll try my best to answer your comment as part of MSAL committees.

      First of all, the iftar that is happening daily at the prayer room is not specified to any group of people or nationality, as it been announced before Ramadhan on Facebook, this blog, as well as at the prayer room itself. Everyone is welcome to join and there is no restriction to any nationality or race. The attendance of the people that join the iftar to the daily prayers is not within our control. We can ask, but who are we to force them to come for the daily prayers. Maybe Allah will guide them with a morsel of free food. Insh’Allah.

      Second of all, about the MSAL as being too general and not specific to students only. First, I would like to remind you that this association is backed and was registered under UTAS. So, it is important to have student as the big part of the association. And yes I think you can agree with me on this one, that majority of the muslim community here in Launceston are students. Even the fact that we have the Muslim Prayer Room (MPR) was because of the donation/gift from UTAS, but local non students were instrumental in making that happen & continue to play an important role within the association.

      3)The zakat-ul-fitr money may be mixed with other Iftar donation in the donation box but we have the list of names and amount (for Zakat-ul-fitr) so we still can differentiate it. We also announce that after a certain date (before Ramadaan) all money left in the box (UNO) will be used for Iftar to avoid any doubt. We are very careful to separate all monies & use for the intention given as we are fully aware of our responsibility to Allah.

      4) As previously stated, not Zakat ul Fitr is used for Iftar. The committee is acutely aware of the needs of the poor & responsibility not to waste money. For this reason we do not spend on elaborate feasts but aim to emulate our Prophet, peace & blessings be soon him. Where you may have witnessed, what you consider excess, was probably privately sponsored & arranged.
      Finally, the cost of the get together after Eid Salat works out to $3pp. This is a small price to pay to foster community brotherhood on that auspicious occasion. We believe this was the intention of the Prophet peace @ blessings be soon him.

      5) About the removal of your comment: YES & NO. I think, the reason why you put up the comment was to correct the MSAL committee. The more important thing is this conversation between us and to get your message to us. We will leave it public to inform others with the same queries. In future please approach the committee in private with your criticism else we may feel you are attempting to sow community dischord.

      Hope that answer your comments. Thanks for your interest.

      May Allah guide us all.


  2. I highly respect all Muslims in TASMANIA. Always pay up front and deeply respected by my driving schii. Regards Mark from Grewars Driver Training


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